JBS 2009


Volume 3 (2009)




 A Roundtable Discussion on Baptist Origins

The Successionism View of Baptist History
By James Duvall, pp. 3-15

The Spiritual Kinship Theory of Baptist Origins
By Glenn Jonas, pp. 16-23

“‘Truly Reformed in a Great Measure’: A Brief Defense of the English Separatist Origins of Modern Baptists
By James M. Renihan, pp. 24-32

        “Collins James: Pioneer Preacher in Southwest Georgia
By Warren C. Hope, pp. 33-43

An Interview with Mark A. Jolley, pp. 44-49

Book Reviews

Walker, J. Brent. Church-State Matters: Fighting for Religious Liberty in Our Nation’s Capitol, by Barry Hankins, pp. 50-52

Spangler, Jewel L. Virginians Reborn: Anglican Monopoly, Evangelical Dissent, and the Rise of the Baptists in the Late Eighteenth Century, by Beth Barton Schweiger, pp. 53-54

Brackney, William H. Historical Dictionary of the Baptists, 2d ed., by Nathan A. Finn, p. 55

Garrett, James Leo. Baptist Theology: A Four Century Study, by Matthew Emerson, pp. 56-58

Early, Joseph Jr., ed. The Life and Writings of Thomas Helwys, and Groves, Richard, ed. A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity, by Jason G. Duesing, pp. 59-62

Slatton, James H. W. H. Whitsitt: The Man and the Controversy, by Andrew C. Smith, pp. 63-64