Volume 4 (2010)

Editorial, p. 1

Contributors, p. 3


Origins of Black Baptist Associations in Southwest Georgia: A Focus on Thomasville, Southwestern, Camilla, and Macedonia
By Warren C. Hope, p. 4

Who Forgot What? A Reply to Emir Caner
By Paul Brewster, p. 30

Now Let Us Praise Famous Moderates: A Review Essay of Three Recent Festschriften
By Nathan A. Finn, p. 46

Book Reviews

Barnett, Henlee Hulix. A Pilgrimage of Faith: My Story, reviewed by Gregory A. Wills, p. 69

Durso, Keith E. Thy Will Be Done: A Biography of George W. Truett, reviewed by Nathan A. Finn, p. 73

Johnson, Robert E. A Global Introduction to Baptist Churches, reviewed by Andrew Christopher Smith, p. 76

McSwain, Larry L. Loving Beyond Your Theology: The Life and Ministry of Jimmy Raymond Allen, reviewed by Edward R. Crowther, p. 82

Schwartz, Kathryn Carlisle. Baptist Faith in Action: The Private Writings of Maria Baker Taylor, 1813–1895, reviewed by April Armstrong, p. 87

Vaughan, Robert. Materials Toward a History of Feet Washing Among the Baptists: Consisting of Historical References to the Practice Among the Missionary Baptists, Including Miscellaneous Notes on Other Groups, reviewed by Keith Harper, p. 91

Upcoming Conferences, p. 95

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