Baptist Histories (Regional and State)

A History of Kentucky Baptists from 1769 to 1885 by J. H. Spencer (1886)

A History of the Baptists in Missouri by R. S. Duncan (1882)

A History of the Baptists in the Southern States East of the Mississippi by B. F. Riley (1898)

A Century with Texas Baptists by Joseph Dawson (1947)

A History of Baptists in Kentucky by Frank M. Masters (1953)

A History of Florida Baptists by John L. Rosser (1949)

A History of the Baptists in the Middle States by Henry Clay Vedder, (1898)

A History of the Negro Baptists of North Carolina by J. A. Whitted (1908)

Georgia Baptists: Historical and Biographical by Jesse H. Campbell (1847)

Golden Jubilee of the General Association of Colored Baptists in Kentucky by C. H. Parrish (1915)

Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists by S. H. Mitchell (1886)

History of Arkansas Baptists by James S. Rogers (1948)

History of Baptists in Michigan by M. E. D. Trowbridge (1909)

History of California Southern Baptists by Floyd Looney (1954)

History of Louisiana Negro Baptists from 1804 to 1914 by William Hicks (1915)

History of Texas Baptists by B. F. Fuller (1900)

History of the Baptists in Maine by Henry S. Burrage (1904)

History of the Baptists in Vermont by Henry Crocker (1913)

History of the Negro Baptists of Tennessee by T. O. Fuller (1936)

Indiana Baptist History by William T. Stoff (1908)

Materials Towards a History of the Baptists in Delaware State by Morgan Edwards (1885)

Relations between Northern and Southern Baptists by Robert Baker (1948)

Story of Georgia Baptists by B. D. Ragsdale (3 vols., 1932-1938)

The Cyclopedia of the Colored Baptists of Alabama by Charles Octavius Boothe (1895)

The Early and Later Delaware Baptists by Richard B. Cook (1880)

The Early Baptists of Philadelphia by David Spencer (1877)

The Early Baptists of Virginia by R. B. C. Howell (1877)

The Rise and Progress of Maryland Baptists by Joseph T. Watts (1953)