Baptist Histories (General)

American Baptist Yearbook (1898)

American Baptist Yearbook (1903)

American Baptist Yearbook (1910)

American Baptist Home Mission Roots: 1824-2010 by David Charles Laubach (2010)

The American Bible Society and the Baptists by W. H. Wyckoff (1841)

Annuals of the Northern Baptist Convention (1910-1922)

Authentic Details of the Valdenses (1825)

The Baptist Denomination: Its History, Doctrines, and Ordinances by D. C. Haynes (1856)

Baptist Home Missions in North America, 1832-1882 by the American Baptist Home Mission Society (1883)

Baptists and the American Revolution by William Cathcart (1876)

The Baptists and the National Centenary by Lemuel Moss (1876)

The Baptists in America; A Narrative of the Deputation from the Baptist Union in England to the United States and Canada by F. A. Cox and J. Hoby (1836)

The Centennial Record of Free Will Baptists (1881)

Conservative Baptist Association of America Historical Perspective by Stephen LeBar (2006)

Foreign Missions Year Book of North America 1920 (covering the year 1919)

The Free Will Baptist Story by Damon C. Dodd (1957)

General Baptist History by D. B. Montgomery (1882)

A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and Other Parts of the World, Vol. 2, by David Benedict (1813)

A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and Other Parts of the World by David Benedict (1848)

A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and Other Parts of the World by David Benedict (1850)

George Fox, the Friends, and the Early Baptists by William Tallack (1868)

Historical Vindications: A Discourse on the Province and Uses of Baptist History by Sewall S. Cutting (1859)

A History of American Baptist Missions by Edmund Franklin Merriam (1900)

A History of American Baptist Missions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America by William Gammell (1854)

A History of Baptists in the Middle States by Henry Clay Vedder (1898)

A History of Conservative Baptists, 3rd ed. by Bruce Shelley (1981)

A History of New England with Particular Reference to the Denomination of Christians Called Baptists, 2nd ed., vol. 1, by Isaac Backus (1871)

A History of the Baptist Churches in the United States by Albert Henry Newman (1915)

A History of the Baptists by Robert G. Torbet (1950)

A History of the English Baptist Mission to India by Baron Stow (1835)

A History of the English Baptists by Joseph Ivimey (4 vols, 1811-1830)

The History of the English General Baptists by Adam Taylor (1818)

The History of Free Will Baptists by I. D. Stewart (1862)

History of the Swedish Baptists in Sweden and America by Gustavus Schroeder (1898)

Lectures on Baptist History by William R. Williams (1877)

A Perpetual Baptist Calendar and Remembrancer by E. O. White (1901)

A Review of the Question by George Augustus Lofton (1897)

A Short History of the Baptists by Henry Clay Vedder (1907)

The South China Mission of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society by Lida Scott Ashmore (1920)

Southern Baptist Foreign Missions by T. B. Ray (1910)

The Story of the English Baptists by John C. Carlile (1905)

Story of the Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions (1971)

The Story of Our Chapel Car Work by the American Baptist Publication Society (1896)

Swedish Baptists in America by J. O. Backlund (1933)

The Triennial Baptist Register by I. M. Allen (1836)

The United States Baptist Annual Register and Almanac by I. M. Allen (1833)

The Universal Register of the Baptist Denomination in North America by John Asplund (1794)