Baptist Classics Library

The Union Movement
by James Franklin Love

The Elements of Moral Science
by John Leadley Dagg

Manual of Theology
by John Leadley Dagg

The Early Baptists of Virginia
by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell

Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches
by Francis Wayland

Memoir of James Petigru Boyce, D.D., LL.D.
by John Albert Broadus

Theodosia Ernest, or, The heroine of faith
by Amos Cooper Dayton

The Holy Spirit in Life and Service
By Amzi Clarence Dixon

Following the Sunrise: A Century of Baptist Missions, 1813-1913?
by Helen Barrett Montgomery

Memoirs of Elder Jesse Mercer

by Charles Dutton Mallary

History of the Baptists of Texas
by Benjamin Franklin Riley

History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association

by George W. Purefoy

Baptist Fundamentals (1920)

by American Baptist Convention

Baptist Doctrines (1921)

by American Baptist Convention

Christianity and the Social Crisis
by Walter Rauschenbusch

Christianizing the Social Order
by Walter Rauschenbusch

The Writings of the Late Elder John Leland: Including Some Events in His
by John Leland, L. F. Greene

The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience Discussed

by Roger Williams, John Cotton

The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution
by Roger Williams

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

by John Clifford

Baptist Confessions of Faith
by William Joseph McGlothlin

Domestic slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution
by Richard Fuller, Francis Wayland

A History of the Baptist Churches in the United States
by Albert Henry Newman

Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus
by A. T. Robertson

The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation
by Andrew Fuller

The Elements of Moral Science
by Francis Wayland

Salvation by Christ: A Series of Discourses on Some of the Most
Important Doctrines of the Gospel
by Francis Wayland

Thoughts on the Present Collegiate System in the United States
by Francis Wayland

A History of the Baptists: Traced by Their Vital Principles and
by Thomas Armitage

Ecclesiastical History
by William Jones

A Short History of the Baptists
by Henry Clay Vedder

A Question in Baptist History
by William Heth Whitsitt

Minutes of the Association, from 1707 to 1807
by Philadelphia Baptist Association

The History of Brown University, 1764-1914
by Walter Cochrane Bronson

The Fundamentals of Christianity: a Study of the Teaching of Jesus and
by Henry Clay Vedder

Campbellism Examined
by Jeremiah Bell Jeter

Gill’s Complete Body of Practical and Doctrinal Divinity
by John Gill

Old Landmarkism: What is It?

by James Robinson Graves

Outlines of Systematic Theology: Designed for the Use of Theological
by Augustus Hopkins Strong

Terms of Sacramental Communion
by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell

The Evils of Infant Baptism
by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell

The Deaconship
by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell

The Cross
by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell

Freedom and Authority in Religion
by Edgar Young Mullins

The Christian Religion in its Doctrinal Expression
by Edgar Young Mullins

A Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus, A.M.
by Alvah Hovey

An appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty
by Isaac Backus (PDF format)

A history of New-England, with Particular Reference to the … Baptists
by Isaac Backus

The Christian Baptist
by Alexander Campbell

A Defence of a Treatise, Entitled the Gospel of Christ Worthy of All
by Andrew Fuller, William Button

Life of Patrick Hues Mell
by Patrick Hues Mell

Serampore Letters: Being the Unpublished Correspondence of William Carey
by William Carey, John Williams, Leighton Williams, Mornay Williams