Sermons, Tracts, Letters & Newspaper Articles

Christ is All in All,” by Hanserd Knollys (1646)

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Samuel Jones, by Morgan Edwards (1763)

Installation of Hezekiah Smith at Haverhill (1766)

Defensive War in a Just Cause,” by David Jones (1775)

Election Sermon Before the Massachusetts House of Representatives, by Samuel Stillman (1779)

Sermon on Election Day Before the Vermont Legislature, by Caleb Blood (1792)

Letters to Haverhill Baptist Church (1793)

Haverhill Act of Incorporation, page one and page two (1793)

Sermon at the Death of Charles Bealer, by Henry Holcombe (1793)

Thoughts on the French Revolution,” by Samuel Stillman (1795)

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. David Leonard, by Thomas Baldwin (1795)

Sermon on a Day of Public Thanksgiving, by Thomas Baldwin (1795)

Sermon for a National Fast Day, by Samuel Stillman (1799)

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. William Collier, by Thomas Baldwin (1799)

The Approved Workman in the Gospel Ministry,” by Thomas Baldwin (1800)

Sermon on the Death of George Washington, by Thomas Baldwin (1800)

A Sermon on the Death of General George Washington,” by Stephen Gano (1800)

Sermon on the Death of George Washington, by Henry Holcombe (1800)

Glorious News! A Brief Account of the Late Revivals of Religion (1800)

A Sermon, Delivered Before His Excellency Caleb Strong, Esq. Governor,” by Thomas Baldwin (1802)

Death Notice of Hezekiah Smith (1805)

Funeral of Hezekiah Smith (1805)

“A Better Country” by John M. Roberts (1809)

“A Discourse Delivered Before the Warren Association” by Asa Messer (1812)

“Divine Charity” by Joseph B. Cook (1812)

“A Sermon Preached on the Lord’s Day” by Jonathan Maxcy (1812)

Sermon on the War of 1812, by William Parkinson (1812)

Establishment of the First Baptist Society in Washington, MA (1820)

The Whole Truth, Relative to the Controversy Betwixt the American Baptists,” compiled by Henry Holcombe (1820)

The Moral Dignity of the Missionary Enterprise” by Francis Wayland (1823)

A Particular Relation of the American Baptist Mission to the Burman Empire by Ann H. Judson (1823)

An Account of the American Baptist Mission to the Burman Empire, 2nd ed. by Ann H. Judson (1827)

Election Sermon Before the Connecticut Legislature, by Benjamin Hill (1829)

Petition for Incorporation of Old Warwick Baptist Church (1830)

Petition for Incorporation of a Baptist Church in Saybrook (1830)

Petition of the 4th Baptist Church of Newport, RI (1836)

The Cross: A Discourse Delivered before the General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States,” by Richard Fuller (1841)

Farewell Sermon of Rev. Jacob Knapp (1842)

Reply to Elder Knapp. Open Communion, in Opposition to Restricted Communion, Maintained,” by Silas Hawley (1842)

The Missionary Enterprise: A Collection of Discourses on Christian Missions edited by Baron Stow (1846)

Incorporation of the 1st Baptist Church of Middletown, CT (1847)

Baptist Pamphlets by the American Baptist Publication Society (1851)

An Historical Discourse, Delivered before the Charleston Baptist Association, at its Hundredth Anniversary,” by James C. Furman (1851)

Missionary Inquiry: A Discourse, by John Dowling (1851)

Testimony in Full in the Case of Ford Against Everts, by the Walnut Street Baptist Church (1859)

The Bible in Schools,” by W. W. Everts (1870)

Wealth,” by Andrew Carnegie (1889)

The Negro Baptist Pulpit ,by E. M. Brawley (1890)

Why I am an Agnostic,” by Robert Ingersoll (1890)

My Infidelity and What Became of It,” by B. H. Carroll (1893)

Silver Anniversary: Rev. Robert Stuart MacArthur, Calvary Baptist Church (1895)

The Facts in the Case. Dr. Whitsitt’s Defense,” by J. H. Eaton (1898)

“The Facts in the Case” Examined. Reply to J. H. Eaton, by George Lofton

Shall the Fundamentalists Win?,” by Harry Emerson Fosdick (1922)

Shall The Funnymonkeyists Win?,” by John Roach Straton (1922)

Above the Snake Line,” by Russell Conwell (1925)

Acres of Diamonds,” by Russell Conwell (1926)

Evangelism and the Need to Help Churches Secure Sound Pastors (1932)

Letter from First Baptist Church on Wheaton College (1937)

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches pamphlet (1945)

Baptist Church Incorporation (General Court of Massachusetts)

Letter to His Excellency the Governor, by the Ministers of Baptist Churches

Payday Someday,” by Robert G. Lee

“Thoughts on Plain Preaching” by Jacob H. Brouner

To All Baptists Who Believe the Bible to Be God’s Word,” by William B. Riley