Writings on Baptist Distinctives

The Kiffin Manuscript (c. 1640)

The Glory and Ornament of a True Gospel Church (1697)

A Short Treatise Concerning a True and Orderly Gospel Church (1743)

Baptism Discovered, Plainly and Faithfully, According to the Word of God by John Norcott (1764)

Treatise of Church Discipline (Jones, 1797)

An Apology for the Baptists (Abraham Booth, 1778)

Plan of Union between Separate Baptists and Regular Baptists (1801)

The Baptism of Believers Only, and the Particular Communion of the Baptist Churches (Thomas Baldwin, 1805)

Thoughts on Missions (John Taylor, 1819)

The Kehukee Declaration (1827)

Black Rock Address (1832)

Conversations Between Two Laymen, On Strict and Mixed Communion by J. G. Fuller (1832)

Original Constitution of the Southern Baptist Convention (1845)

William B. Johnson’s Address on the Origin of the Southern Baptist Convention (1845)

Terms of Sacramental Communion by Robert Boyte C. Howell (1846)

A History of Baptism from Inspired and Uninspired Writings by Isaac Taylor Hinton (1849)

The Old-Fashioned Bible, or Ten Reasons Against the Proposed Baptist Version (John Dowling, 1850)

Review of a Discourse by Rev. John Dowling by James Cole (1850)

Communion: The Distinction Between Christian and Church Fellowship and Between Communion and Its Symbols by Thomas F. Curtis (1850)

The Action and Subjects of Christian Baptism by Rev. David E. Thomas (1851)

Pedobaptists Not Open Communionists. A Defence of Restricted Communion by Rev. S. Remington (1852)

Open Communion; Or, the Principles of Restricted Communion Examined and Proved to be Unscriptural and False by S. W. Whitney (1853)

Restricted Communion: Or, Baptism An Essential Prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper by James B. Tayler (1856)

The Meaning and Use of Baptizein by Thomas J. Conant (1861)

Introduction to The Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches by F. Wayland and John H. Hinton (1861)

Scriptural Communion by Jeremiah Bell Jeter (1871)

The Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views by John Broadus (1881)

Close Communion: Or, Baptism As a Prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper by John T. Christian (1892)

Recent Changes in the Theology of Baptists (Albert H. Newman, 1906)

Some Early Practices of Baptists in America (R. E. E. Harkness, 1931)

An Address to the Public (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 1991)

Re-Envisioning Baptist Identity: A Manifesto for Baptist Communities in North America (1997)